Gardenback draw their name from an abandoned David Lynch script, and entwine their bold garage rock with wistful psychedelia, intricate rhythms and scratchy guitar sounds. Hailing from Oldham, north Manchester, they’re made up of Ellis James, Jacob James and Neil James – their 3-piece sound is big and their balance is playful. Incidentally, an abandoned David Lynch script is a pretty apt analogy for Gardenback’s music; it’s bizarre, new, and could be jarring if it weren’t so cleverly put together and beautifully executed. Inventive lyrics, juxtaposition, brushes of grunge, flits of 90s Madchester, sophisticated but raw vocals, controlled dissonance, and this totally, delightfully, snake-charmingly coherent sound form their band.

Over their last five years, Gardenback have headlined in Manchester, performed in San Francisco, hosted a charity gig for Manchester’s homeless, claimed their own rehearsal room, built a supportive fan base (inc. Mossley’s own punk/indie pioneers Cabbage) and released their debut single ‘Sleepless’. It’s been quite a 2017 as well so far, with coverage from BBC Introducing Manchester, Oldham Chronicle and The Skinny, and it’s only set to get better with a headline show in July & a place on the bill at Cotton Clouds Festival this summer.

Also, an FYI: Sleepless is a total DELIGHT and you can listen below.



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