Though that sounds like a horrible cliché – and technically actually is a horrible cliché – it really is true. The Big Moon are an alt/indie four-piece from London, made up of Juliette, Soph, Celia & Fern. They play killer guitar music that’s loud, and fun, and exciting, and melodic and intricate and thoughtful and playful. I saw them play live for the first time at Glastonbury last year (that’s 2016 now! 2016 is last year!) and by the end of their (ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE) William’s Green set I was in pieces. I know it’s Glastonbury, so emotions are heightened anyway, and I know I’d seen the Amy film premiere the day before, and I know staying up all day and night makes you somewhat emotionally fragile, but I was sobbing by the time The Big Moon finished that afternoon. It was like being hit by a ten-ton truck (doesn’t everyone in love speak in clichés?). I couldn’t believe – I could NOT BELIEVE – that music had never made me feel like this before.

It’s an interesting feat, to try to explain how something makes you feel when it changes your whole vision. This particular instance changed my musical landscape; in seeing The Big Moon, I realised that I had never seen an all girl guitar band, my age, from where I’m from, wearing what I’d wear and being absolutely to-die-for good at playing music. Of course, I’ve spent years listening to Patti & PJ & Blondie & The Slits & Warpaint & Bikini Kill and so on and so forth, but this – right here at Glastonbury, at 2pm in a tent my friend had pulled us through the mud to – this was the first time I’d ever seen someone who could have been me doing it. I remember biting “I didn’t know I could do that” through tears afterwards and it still remains the truest sentiment from that first time I saw them. I didn’t know I could do that. This must be how guys feel the first time they hear Stone Roses, or Arctic Monkeys, or The Libertines, or Radiohead, or any of the bands that inspired almost all my teenage friends to start bands while I happily listened from the sofa, not even questioning why I wasn’t joining in. It was exceptionally powerful, and more so for the fact that there was no bitterness in their ownership of the stage, the instruments, the songs. Much in the way that author Caitlin Moran obliterates hate with humour, The Big Moon obliterate preconceptions with joy. And it sounds utterly wonderful when they do.

On top of all that (though I don’t know how much further the top goes when you’ve smashed so far through that glass ceiling, AMIRITE?!), they’re an incredible band. Soph is one of those guitarists that has such a command over the sound it feels as though it’s been her’s and only her’s forever. Every iteration feels totally raw and at the same time, perfectly controlled – which is complimented expertly by the bold vocals and more tearing guitar from Juliette. Who, while we’re on the subject, is an amazing front woman. As I mentioned before, they’re SO much fun live – and that includes Fern’s biiiiiiig drum sound and Celia’s witty bass lines, and all of that coming together to make some intense breakdowns too. Oh, and their debut album (Love In The 4th Dimension) features a single in which the hook is “I’ll be formidable”. As in (to me, at least): I might still be working on it, but rest assured I will be formidable. Is that not just exactly it?


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