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Shit Girlfriend have recently burst into the DIY scene and our Instagram feeds in a whirl of pinkย visuals, crunchy guitars & the (incredible) hashtag #periodpunk. Their debut Double A side record came out as a Record Store Day exclusive on Punk Slime and it is an absolute riot – ‘Mummy’s Boy’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ are blistering dirty garage poppy punk with a sarcastic edge and cutting lyrics, sung in their uniquely saccharine style. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to hear in 2017.

Raucous is definitely the right word to describe their sound; they’re provocative (I mean, they’re called Shit Girlfriend and ‘Mummy’s Boy’ starts with the lyrics “you’re a pussy / better call your mum”) and their melodic riffs ring through the distortion, making you want to shake your head 60s style, and to join in – making you want to join in their gang, now I think about it. It’s fun, sarky punk, and it really feels by girls for girls.

ALSO while we’re discussing it – the record itself is a delight. It’s a leopard print splatter 7″, and the cover is a pink & red neon lo-fi shot, with baby photos of Laura-Mary Carter and Natalie Chahal (that’s Shit Girlfriend to you & me) on the back. It’s trashy in all the best ways, which incidentally is an excellent way to describe their music too. Total trash, to (quite aptly) reference Sonic Youth. I can’t waaaaaait to hear more.

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