Smoky post punk drives on L.A. Witch’s new track

When I think of a trashy California bar, I see a hazy room, languidly drunk retro pink cocktails, Cadillacs parked outside and palm trees entwined with the neon lights. What I hear is post punk, grunge drenched, sunkissed guitar music, and L.A. Witch capture that feeling perfectly in their new single Drive Your Car - … Continue reading Smoky post punk drives on L.A. Witch’s new track


DREAM NAILS: joyful rage

There's a line in one of my favourite books, Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth, that goes: "Someone sees right to your backbone and simultaneously feels their backbone acknowledged." It's one of my favourite lines, from one of my favourite books, and it most perfectly (most ardently? Haha) describes how I felt when talking to the absolutely … Continue reading DREAM NAILS: joyful rage


If you feel like listening to some 90s style post-grunge girls playing dreamy trashy guitars with a touch of sarcasm, this is the playlist for you. Highlights include Skating Polly's new EP featuring Veruca Salt's Louise Post and Nina Gordon (!!!), Dream Nails lamenting "nobody cares if your dick is on fire", and ShitKid's menacing … Continue reading JUNE PLAYLIST



Though that sounds like a horrible cliché – and technically actually is a horrible cliché – it really is true. The Big Moon are an alt/indie four-piece from London, made up of Juliette, Soph, Celia & Fern. They play killer guitar music that’s loud, and fun, and exciting, and melodic and intricate and thoughtful and … Continue reading HOW THE BIG MOON CHANGED MY LIFE